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God’s Creation According to Spiritual Quantum Physics

God’s Creation and Spiritual Quantum Physics

I call my writings Spiritual Quantum Physics because Materialistic Quantum Physics as taught in the Universities and written about and talked about in popular media does not believe in a Creator God. God exists!

Therefore all their theories and writings are incorrect. I have been a math professor for 18 years and it is like trying to solve the mysteries of the universe with the assumption that 2+2=5. All that follows is false.

Let us look at the creation model presented by Spiritual Quantum Physics. It is similar to the very ancient belief of the Hindus who said that Brahma breathed out the universe to last billions of years. When Brahma breathes back in the universe will end.

Spiritual Quantum Physics does not say the Creator God breathed out the universe. He thought it out. All is thought manifested into physical reality.

God thought out the universe. He made it a living conscious entity that was capable of growing.

Within that universe there are billions of living conscious galaxies all capable of growth.

Let us explore one of those galaxies. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. Within the Milky Way there are billions of solar systems. All have consciousness with the ability to grow.

Our Solar System which is at the very edge of our galaxy has a sun and 9 planets, all conscious and capable of growing.

One of these planets is our planet the Earth. It is conscious and capable of growing. Around the Earth there is a very thin layer of Organic life of which man is just a part.

Man is conscious??? Man is capable of growing in consciousness. I use the questions marks because over 95% of the humans on the planet have no idea of consciousness is. They are caught up in the trap of Materialism and only interested in their belly and genitals.

The sad part is that Spiritual Quantum Physics says everything is connected by consciousness. Man’s level of consciousness affects the consciousness of the planet Earth. This low level of consciousness on the planet keeps the Earth from growing which is its destiny.

If the Earth does not grow then the Solar System does not grow. If the Solar System does not grow then the Galaxy does not grow. If the Galaxy will not grow then the Universe does not grow.

Everything is connected and affects everything else.

Look at the insanity of man on the planet. He has chosen the path of materialism instead of the path of Spirituality.

This insignificant thin layer on an insignificant planet on the edge of one of the billions of galaxies has a powerful affect on the Universe.

This concept of Spiritual Quantum Physics needs to be taught in all the schools. Man had better be taught that everything is connected and that his negative thoughts affect the growth of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the Universe.

Before it is too late!

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