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How to Overcome Life’s Challenges

We live in a world full of dualities. This duality exists in the world that surrounds us and within ourselves. At times, when everything seems to go well, we feel happy and content. Yet, at other times, we face obstacles that some may seem easy to overcome with patience, wisdom or hard work, but also others very tough to handle, which make us lose our temper or patience and maybe complaining about our misfortune in life, forgetting that we are responsible of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors and therefore, we create our present in our own hands. In other words, our present is the result of our past actions and our future will be the result of our present actions.

Some of our existence circumstances are beyond our will: our birth and death for instance. If we are to think why God has put us in this particular environment or that particular country, we understand that God or the providence has a particular plan for each one of us.

Conversely, we control our mind and thoughts which have no barrier whatsoever. We can fly to the moon with our mind, even prisoners found in a 2 meters square room, can live freedom in their mind and feel it a reality. They didn’t surrender to their somehow bitter reality but tried to overcome it through their mind. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of circumstances we stumble upon, what matters is how we react to them: either we overcome them or we are defeated by them. A cup filled in half of water can either be seen half empty or half filled. It pays to look at things from a rational perspective, as if they are happening to another person. That is easier said than applied though. Oftentimes, we let our ego take over our mind and emotions making us take decisions that may not be for our benefit. We might think that this is the best course of action to take, but in reality we are likely to be only fooling ourselves.

Freedom is a sacred right given to every human being. In result, every person is free to live his or her life as they wish, provided that this freedom does not harm anyone else. At times, it pays to simply letting go, rather than seeking revenge; because revenge, negative thoughts and stress all consume from the wellness of our inner self and our physical health too. Exercising and doing a regular physical activity is a great way to help us feel better about ourselves through the flow of natural endorphins it lets circulate in our brain and whole body. Taking care of our physical body by eating healthy food rich in vegetables and fruits also help.

And last but not least, since we are a unity of physical body, emotions, mind and soul, it pays to nurture our mind by reading or learning new skills and our soul by practicing our religion’s teaching in our daily life.

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