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Taurus Is an Epitome of Faithfulness – Astrology Predictions 2010

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac cycle of 12 signs. An ox is its symbol. It is a favorable sign and the features of this sign are truthfulness and humility. As said by astrology, Taurus is a mild sign and the natives who are born in this sign are sanctified with a good luck. South direction belongs to the sign of Taurus and its lord is Venus. Moon and Rahu are exalted but Ketu is debilitated in this sign. The characteristics of the natives of Taurus will be discussed in this article.

Earth elements are in Taurus as stated by astrology. The Taureans are charming characters and that is why people get fascinated by the natives of this sign. They are considerate and responsive people who are concerned about their environs and help out persons in misery.

Perhaps it is a fact that Taureans are unenthusiastic but they are very arduous and workaholic if work is allocated to them. They are dependable and relax only after the end of a task. They attain their objective by any means. The natives of this sign are faithful and clever. Their proposals are confirmed to be excellent and gainful.

Taureans are contented and have no greed in their character. They are pleased with their assets and grateful to God. Their face also reveals the contentment and joyfulness of their hale and hearty mind. They are very modest and authentic people, but with the requirement of time they become very authoritarian and unbending.

Natives of Taurus have faith in reality and not in fantasy. One special trait in their character is that they never disregard their roots. Taureans cherish past events and exist with them. In their life they bestow primary importance to love. Natives of Taurus adore people but they are loyal to their life partner. Despite the fact that they have erotic character, their love for life partner is enduring and they lead a marvelous married life.

Natives of this sign are people with very high self-respect. They are impulsive and do not like any interference in their area of interest. They work in keeping with their mind or else pay attention to their life partner.

It is observed that Taureans are attracted to music, dancing, designing, psychology, interior decoration, film making, sculpturing and automobile professions. Natives of Taurus can produce revenue if they work in tax sector, film music, small car, glass and sun mica industry, and mattress and textile industry. Taureans can get a thriving career in amusement industry as this field is auspicious for them.

They lead a monetarily safe and sound life. Natives of Taurus sign have a liking for comfort and luxury. They desire to make their life joyful and peaceful. Women of Taurus sign are keen on getting dressed up and putting on make up.

Natives born in Taurus sign have a propensity of getting thyroid, piles, neck problem, cervical, and sex organ disorders. Women Taureans may also get menstruation connected ailment.

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