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An Experience That Helped Me Grow Up

We feel so human and in love, when we share memorable experiences.

For me, one very memorable experience was when I lost my father. I was around 15 going on 16 years old. He was murdered. And with all the stories the witnesses told the court and the family, I could imagine my father lying with blood splattered around and crying for help. We were not special. We were ordinary people holding posts at work, doing our duties, serving. My father worked for the tax office (Bureau of Internal Revenue).

That day, my Dad died I felt I had totally grown. I wanted to imagine myself 80 or 90 years old inside me because I couldn’t cry “Daddy!” And no creature would be there, answering me “Yes, what do you want?” And so, there goes the boldness inside my heart that depended just on a God, I could not see. So I thought God went down for me, to physically be my father.

The situation was harsh for the family, for my young mother (common teacher), and for my young siblings. But then, Jesus was so kind that he took care of us while we grew up. And that I believed and would not be ashamed telling everyone God helps the poor. The “poor” literally and metaphorically, including those “poor/humble” of heart (though rich in material possessions), and especially those who call to him, and respect others, too.

While I grew up, I was able to build strength because I depended on God, alone. This, and plus the help of many good people around. I don’t know how I did it to be as I am now, but the seasons of time bled for me, that I grew up as steadfast a tiger would brawl, and as swift and meek a bird would glide. All those, I met, I deemed respect holding on to God, that I wouldn’t be selling any righteous principle for gold, that I would forgive as I am imperfect, that I would hold on to loyalty and truth, as much as I can.

We eked with life, and I have learned what lessons to uphold to inspire others. I have pondered those good examples, others had taught me and shared. The world will not stop in the crushing experiences, but it will grow more beautiful with the good workers that push the sun and stars, those that make steps and turn like the planets, those that act and show us we are all special. The meaning of love will teach us how to grow strong, but humble.

When my Dad died, the more I depended on God, and I saw that some people and events, were so beautiful! Perhaps, that was how my Dad liked it. That was how God liked it.

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