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Mastering the Emotions

Imagine a life where faith is easy and fear is negated. Here – in the situation – we have controlled and capped our emotions. This is the final frontier of life.

There is an important disclaimer. The emotions have a role. They bear for us in honesty and they come to pass to ensure our integrity is real. They add value to the mastery we otherwise have over them.

The emotions have an important place.

But where the emotions are not welcome is when we are trying to attain and maintain control over our responsibilities. Here they’ve impeded us. They embarrass us. They damage our credibility… everything we’ve struggled long and hard to establish.

A Vision That Is Claimed

We’re all potential claimants of a special prize that God has for the person who’s prepared to commit to becoming mature.

Most times we’re ignorant of the fact that God is prepared to bless us with more character if we’ll only ask. If we desire more control over our emotions God will bless that wish.

If only we’ll envision ourselves as the person we can be – the one calmly and humbly in control of our own devices – we’ll end up, most certainly, at that place. The key thing, however, is when we’ve arrived we’ll already want more! We’ll never be satisfied. But satisfaction is not the issue. Growth is. The attainment of emotional self-control in tenuous situations is.

A Vision Established

Dream with me for a moment; there’s nothing wrong with imagining what can or could be.

Practicing the emotionless thought is a marvel of God.

Clear thinking and alert we are as we think straight and without impediment. We’re seeing life as it truly is, a no-holds-barred reality. It is not scary for us, for it is just life. It is neither positive nor negative. We cannot be “for” or “against” it.

Suddenly we feel a rush of power, and we’re infused with a sense or presence that feels like well being.

Life looks different and even somewhat strange from this perspective.

Best of all we finally begin to see a glimpse of how God sees and oh what a marvellous thing it is. And we have transformed a disability – the vagrant presence of unrestrained emotion – into an empowered reality, a thing we can tap into at will, per our choice.

Owning our own reality suchlike means that though we removed the keys from our ignitions and gave them back to God at salvation, the Holy Spirit now returns the favour and thrusts them back into our hands. God trusts us as we act fervently to achieve his will.

Copyright (c) 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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