Fifteen years of working on poorly designed Spirals have allowed us to create the finest Spiral Conveyor System.


Finest Quality Enclosures – Sturdy construction, highest quality galvalume or stainless. Sealed tight for longer lasting retention with the highest thermal properties available. Extra sealing measures are taken to minimize warm air infiltration, which minimizes cooling capacity requirements.

Drive Systems – Are the finest available on today’s market. Our overdrive systems are easy to use for long product belt life. An automatic overdrive system can be included as an option.

Airflow Fans
– Will be selected for their quality construction and longevity. The fan diameter and velocity will be selected to maximize efficiency of your freezing and sequential defrost for your particular application.

Coils – Regal evaporator coils will be custom sized to fit your particular application, giving maximum efficiency and longer life.

Spiral Construction Materials – Our spirals are built beyond minimal load requirements that many of our competitors fall short on, whether it is stainless steel, galvanized, or aluminum construction.

Product Belt – Working with various belt manufacturers allows us the opportunity to choose the best operating belt for your particular product, whether it is stainless or plastic.

Plastic Belting – Converting stainless steel belting to plastic belting always has operational issues. We developed a spiral for plastic belting. If a customer would decide to convert from plastic belt to stainless steel belt in the future, it can be done with no major changes, unlike our competitors attempting to change stainless steel belting to plastic belting.

Regal Construction Inc. is the only spiral manufacturer that utilizes full-time, trained installation millwrights and foremen for your installation. We never send a foreman with an untrained crew as all of our competitors do.

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