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Current Clients : Frontier Communications has finished correcting the primary landline service issues we have been suffering from for several months.  THREEH techs will begin addressing the stressors that have placed upon our hardware and are working to correct FTP related issues.  At this time, all other Email and Web Services have been restored.

Current Clients are encouraged to contact Keith on his cell phone which is checked daily for emergency inquiries.  If necessary, please contact Keith on his Cell Phone (hover for number).


Media Transfer and Film Conversion

Our Media Transfer and Film Conversion services are amongst the best in the industry.  We can work with your 8MM and 16MM Films allowing them to be viewed by generations to come.


Additionally, these same services can also be put to use with any of your cassette tape media, from Audio Cassette to BETA to VHS.  We also can work with international VHS and DVD formats so you can share your personal media with anyone on the planet. 


Updated Film Conversion Prices, making it easier for you to generate your own estimate as well.


THREEH.COM now offers High Definition (HD) video development and conversion services!


And finally if you're one of those massive photo buffs who needs to have their photo slide collections archived, we can handle that in a reasonable time and at a price that often leaves our competitors far behind by comparison.


See our Yellowbook Listing.  If you are in the Lafayette Indiana area, take a moment to look in the Yellowbook for our Coupon.



Bulk Duplication Rates or Government Contractor?  Contact us for more information.  If you are a Government Contractor listed with the NAGC, please have your number and related information ready.


Internet Services and Support

The Internet is to the modern business world what the discovery of the Wheel was to ancient civilizations.  It is the power that moves our modern society. 


Hosting and Applications Support are key elements to presenting your business capabilities to the world wide web.  Our Internet Service Provisioning is intended to meet your commercial business needs empowering your business with greater reliability than any non-commercial DSL or Cable provider can hope to declare.  And like everything else, ensuring the best Web Marketing Fundamentals are applied not only to your website but for your entire business operation.


Street View

The view down Main Street from right in front of our store.  Turn the view right, small dark green door ... that's us..

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