Secure File Transfer and Backup Service

If you need a secure file transfer service then this is worth trying.

Secure File Sharing with Pipeline eXchange

Secure file transfer services can be found at many places on the web. Pipeline eXchange is a secure file sharing service that focuses on providing a solution tailed to large businesses.

According to the site:

Pipeline eXchange™ is an electronic file exchange service that enables you to securely send and receive documents/files of any type or size with your trading partners. Pipeline eXchange™ is 100% browser based and easy to use. Users simply specify the files they wish to be delivered, and then select the recipients and delivery options. The files are securely delivered to each recipient and Pipeline eXchange™ automatically tracks and generates an audit trail for the entire delivery process sending various status notifications to the sender.

Pipeline Exchange - Secure File Sharing

This secure file sharing solution is someone unique in that it is designed for sending, receiving and sharing large files. The service has the basic Send File functionality that you see in many other file sharing sites. Pipeline eXchange however combines both the send file functionality with a document repository. It seems like a cross between YouSendIt and focused on business accounts.

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