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This website has been hacked by Atul Dwivedi

We are Team Indian Cyber Army [ ICA] ,Attack crew of www.indishell.in


Plz call ur PAKbugs now to help you and take ur revenge :P lol

We are here back to fuck ur sacred asses pakis !! BANG BANG..yeah thats wat we are here for..!!

ICA warns Pakistani Govt & Pakistani Hackers aka Script Babies !! Stop Messing with Indian Cyber Space & Stop Defacing Indian Websites else ICA wil destroy Pak's cyber Backbone within no time !!

I hope you porkis havent forgotten last year's 26/11 attack by ICA on ur pak govt NTC sever ??..We defaced about 36 official pak govt domains

You Pakistanis dont wont another B'desh to be created ?? :d Do you ?? Better realize ur aaukat in front of the Mighty India else Independent Balochistan wil be a truth !!

Doodh Mangogey to Kheer dengey, Kashmir Mangogey to Phad Dengey !!

India wil finish off your country from the world map in no time ! You cannot with stand the world's 3rd largest ARMY ! You cannot withstand the world's 4th strongest Air Force !

Your such lame propaganda on Internet Like making anti India Videos and uploading them on You Tube, Making Anti India Groups on FB,orkut can only fetch you bitches some cheap attention but running away from truth can cost you folks a big loss ! A loss of ur pak sar zameen lol which you guys got as a beggar's alm along with 55 crore Indian rupees granted to you !! :P lol

BEWARE !! DONT MESS WITH LORDS ! else This wil be Ur Pakistan's Destiny

BTW,we forgot to ask you pakis one Question :P, What Next Pakistan ??

Death to Pakistan, Death to Islamic Jihad

Tumhari Ma Ka Bhosda Madar chod Dalle Pakistani Suar Sallon

Indian Cyber Army


We Are-:

Atul Dwivedi,Mr.XxXX !nj3ct0r, Stranger,-[SiLeNtp0is0n]-,NEO,G00g!3 [email protected]!0R,c00lt04d,RJ-D Indian, DarkL00k�

Special Greetz to my elder bro ѕηαкє ��, r45c4l,all IW community members,indishell forum members,Vaidehi & all her Catz & all the Proud Indians !!

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