.::[email protected]@rt Teh::.

Todays News Update: You Are hacked!

So bad that our security sucks and you are hacked!..

 Connection complete
You are hacked!

[email protected]@rT tEh here...

We Are NoT Sorry Admin .


 [email protected] TeH

EMAiL:  [email protected]

Facebook   http://www.facebook.com/bhgteh

MsN : [email protected]




We Will Not Stop Hacking
It's not a game
It's Our Job


Hacked by [email protected]@rt TeH

 It's only the beginning

..::[email protected]@rt TeH::..


FuCk YoU aDmIn

My Pc is my weapon, Inside systems is my life, Hacking is my heart, Defacing is my love, Spamming is my business, Cracking is my hobbie, And death is my wich !    This is the end for you admin,  Goodbye !

Bosnian Hacker



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