H4x0r3d By Pakbugs

The Notorious Zombie_Ksa is Back

You Must have Heard about me on, news, headlines, Gov. charges, blogs, blah blah

YES, I the Zombie_KSA fulfilled the promise i made on Supreme Court Site on 2011/09/27 yea baby..Read it Again... I the Zombie_KSA kept My words... & Pakistan Telecommunication Authority got STAMPED by Zombie_Ksa.

m Just here tO tell the So Called Chairman Dr. Mohammed Yaseen ... "BTW l0l @ Dr" xD

Mr Chairman hello0 :D !! Sir Y0ur BiG HeAd g0t haCk3d ?
Ask y0urself Why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is ViCtim of ZombiE_KsA ?
Well Let me KnOw Have you Read my message On Supreme Court Web ? !!

If y0u Miss3d then here u go... (baby keep reading this until you realize that W0t da Fuck u r Paid F0r

Baby m here tO Tell this mofo World that We are Pakistan ....Not Pornistan... & Sir i need ur help.. Since u have powefull balls and i request you to take action to ban porn sites in Pakistan. Read it again I request you to BAN Pornographic sites in PAKISTAN... PTA is paid whore... they dont give a damn shit about our complains... They can BAN Porn sites... ANd if they dont WTF they are paid for? Mr CJ m again requesting you to take somoto action against PTA. If you dont then i myself will... I will Roast PTA's Asses like I raped FIA... & If they cant or they wont then InshALLAH I will raise the 1337 gr33n flag high and ll Hack PTA like i hacked bef0re =) ...


So Mr M.yaseen.. D0 W0t you have t0 Do....D0 Wot u Are Getting Paid f0r... If U can't den Give up!!! We will Not let any mofo to FuCk with this Country Any More...

Do BAN every PORN Site in PAKISTAN in a Week Otherwise you Better know me What i Can Do !!!


We are L33t Pakistani H4x0rZ,



we are PAKbugs, We keep it real:
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